about us

    Zhejiang Lihydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise devoted to the development of hydrogen and oxygen (Brown gas) technology from electrolytic water. It is the first listed company in the research and development of hydrogen and oxygen energy equipment manufacturing industry in China. Company securities abbreviation: and hydrogen energy, securities code: 834311.
As a leading enterprise in the industry, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Energy have been focusing on the application research, development and manufacture of Brown Gas (Hydrogen and Oxygen from Electrolytic Water). After more than ten years of growth and development, it has many original innovative achievements and national invention patents, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It is the formulator of national standards for the hydrogen and oxygen industry in China, and also the leader in the application of hydrogen and oxygen industry. Relying on the technical advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, the company has provided excellent products and services in pharmaceutical, automobile, garbage incineration, industrial combustion, welding, cutting, water treatment and other industries. It has created a number of world first places in the field of hydrogen and oxygen production from electrolytic water, won the recognition of customers, and achieved the healthy leap-forward development of the enterprise.

BN series, H series and T series Brownian gas generator products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine and bioengineering, and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and Taiwan.
Strong development and design capabilities, to ensure that customers in all industries to provide the highest perfect professional Brownian gas generator products, while committed to product and application integration, to provide users with the most competitive industry solutions and technical transformation programs.
Beijing Heyuan Tianli Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Zhejiang and Lihydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in March 2012 and is located in Zhongguancun Business Circle in Beijing, where high-tech and new technologies are gathered. The company concentrates on R&D and production of Brownian gas generator series products for the national promotion company, providing technical support and after-sales service for users in the automotive industry. The products are certified by ISO 9001-2008 Quality System Certification and EU CE Certification, and underwritten by well-known insurance companies in China. Brown gas molecular decarbonizer, three-way cleaning and maintenance machine, oil changer, automotive disinfection and cleaning machine and other related products with its unique characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong stability, convenient use, etc., have achieved perfect docking with all automotive models, the products have been unanimously recognized by the majority of users, and won the satisfaction evaluation of China Automobile Industry Association, many 4S stores and so on.
At present, domestic well-known automobile groups: Guanghui, Huge, Yiqiao, Shanghai Yongda, Ningbo Jiaochen, Jiangxi Guangdian, Hunan Huayang, Beijing Express are all our customers.