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Ampoule wire drawing and sealing

Brown gas generator (oxyhydrogen generator), as a clean and environmental protection gas source, is widely used in pharmaceutical enterprises to seal ampoules. The method of "ready to use" greatly improves the safety of gas source in use, saves the operation process of personnel, and improves the qualified rate of drug sealing.

The application of brown gas technology in the field of water injection and ampoule wire drawing and sealing has the following advantages:

1) Significantly reduce the cost compared with the LPG sealing method, save more than 50% of the cost.

2) Improve the quality of drugs and meet the requirements of GMP certification and product export. When liquefied gas is used for sealing, the combustion of liquefied gas will produce carbides, sulfides and other harmful gases that affect the quality of drugs. The molecular weight of these gases is larger than that of air, so small quantities of gases will be sealed in drug bottles, thus affecting the quality of drugs. The State Drug Inspection Bureau has strict requirements for this.

With brown gas flame sealing, the complete combustion of hydrogen and oxygen will only produce a small amount of water vapor, without any pollution gas, and the water vapor escapes rapidly in the air and will not be sealed in the drug bottle, so it fully meets the requirements of GMP certification and drug export.

3) Improve the qualified rate and sealing speed of drug sealing. Brown gas flame is concentrated. The utilization efficiency of heat energy is 1.5 times of that of liquefied gas. When brown gas flame is used for sealing, the qualified rate of sealing reaches 99%, and the sealing speed can be increased by about 5%.

GMP is the English abbreviation of the "drug production quality management standard", which is a compulsory standard implemented by the state to ensure the quality of drugs and eliminate unqualified drug manufacturers. Whether GMP certification qualification can be obtained is the premise of entering the pharmaceutical industry. According to the latest revision of management regulations, the purity of drugs is strictly regulated, and carbides, sulfides and other gas molecules larger than air are not allowed to be packaged into drug bottles, which provides an opportunity for the application of brown gas generator in the field of medicine. There are more than 8000 domestic pharmaceutical factories in China, and brown gas generator, as an excellent needle and ampoule bottle sealing machine, is believed to be quick Speed up the promotion and use.

Ampoule wire drawing and sealing

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