B.E.S.T China Co.,Ltd
Development history

1) In 1989, Professor Yull Brown, an Australian scientist, was invited by NORINCO to visit the 52nd Institute of China's Weapon Industry for technical exchange.

2) In February 1990, the Browngas Project Group of the 52nd Institute of China Weapons Industry was established.

3) In May 1991, BN series Brownian gas prototype was successfully developed and won the national new product award in the second year.

4) In December 1994, the Brown Gas Generator passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

5) In 1995, H1200 Brown Gas Generator was awarded the National New Product Award and the Gold Prize of China Patent New Technologies Exposition.

6) In 1996, B.E.S.T. COREA CO., Chairman of LTD Company, Kim Jong-nam, visited the company.

7) In December 1998, the Brown gas generator was certified by GB/T19001-1994 standard quality system.

8) In November 1999, H250B platinum welding machine won the National Key New Product Award (Licensing Authority: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China, State Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision, and General Administration of International Environmental Protection).

9) In 2000, Browngas project was listed as a national torch project, and H3000 Browngas generator was officially marketed in October of the same year.

10) In 2002, Brown gas (hydrogen and oxygen) products were listed as the second batch of environmental protection projects catalogue by the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Administration of Taxation, enjoying relevant preferential policies; our unit was approved by the Bureau of Science and Technology as the technical support unit of the "hydrogen and oxygen generator" project of the National Key Promotion Plan of Scientific and Technological Achievements.

11) In March 2003, the Brownqi Project entered Ningbo Branch of the Chinese Academy of Weapons Sciences.

12) In May 2003, a new type of environmental medical incinerator using Brownian gas technology was introduced.

13) In March 2004, a new generation of T80 flame polishing machine was put on the market.

14) In February 2005, Ningbo and Lihydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and the Brown Gas Project was fully marketized by Likely.

15) In March 2005, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Jingzhijie Solid Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. to apply Brown Gas Catalytic Combustion Technology to QNK-15 Gas-controlled Pyrolysis Incinerator for production test, and achieved breakthrough results.

16) In October 2005, the Brownian gas composite fuel burner with patented technology was put on the market.

17) In October 2005, Oxygen and Hydrogen Burner was awarded the Rookie Award of Ningbo Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition of China.

18) In May 2006, the application research of Brown gas technology in high-power diesel engine was carried out.

19) In August 2006, the Brown Gas Fuel Burner System passed the technical appraisal of Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau.

20) In September 2006, the general manager of the company participated as a special guest in the Fifth Forum of Chinese Scientists held in Beijing Great Hall of the People, and in November of the same year, he was invited to attend the Seventh National Hydrogen Energy Academic Conference, published academic papers and made special reports.

21) In December 2006, a new generation of Brownian gas generator with fully enclosed integrated electrolytic cell structure was officially launched.

22) In March 2007, T1000 Brownian gas generator was put into production in batches, and in May of the same year, T5000 Brownian gas generator was successfully manufactured.

23) In May 2007, as a special guest, the company was invited to attend the first hydrogen energy exhibition in China.

24) In June 2007, T600 Brown Gas Generator was put into mass production.

25) In September 2007, a contract was signed with Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Industry, and Brown Gas Generator was first used in the pharmaceutical industry.

26) In October 2007, the company participated in the Shanghai International Advertising Machinery Exhibition and received high praise from the same industry.

27) In November 2007, he participated in the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, which attracted the general attention of water injection pharmaceutical enterprises.

28) In January 2008, Baoshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. reached the intention of continuous casting slab cutting cooperation.

29) In July 2008, a long-term strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Shanghai Zhenhua Welding and Cutting Company in the field of continuous casting slab cutting.

30) In September 2008, the world's largest Brown Gas Generator Model T20000 was successfully manufactured and accepted by Baoshan Iron and Steel Group.

31) In October 2008, it passed the application test on high-power diesel engine and was approved by experts.

32) In November 2008, in cooperation with Tianjin Copper Industry, T12500 Brown Gas Generator was formally applied in metallurgical smelting industry.

33) In January 2009, T1500 and T3000 Brown gas generators were put into mass production.

34) In May 2009, the products were exported to the UK and established trade cooperation with DELICATE. ECO, which opened up the European market.

35) In October 2009, new breakthroughs were made in carbon removal technology of automobiles, which opened up a new field for products.

36) In November 2009, commissioned by the National Hydrogen Energy Association and the Standardization Committee, the National Standard for Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators was drafted.

37) In September 2010, T series products were certified by European CE and obtained the security pass of European Union countries.

38) In January 2011, our company has been responsible for drafting four national standards, such as "Safety Technical Specifications for Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators".

39) In January 2012, the products passed the inspection and certification of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, and the T1500 series products began to be applied in the field of automobiles.

40) In April 2012, he became a member of China Medical Equipment Engineering Association.

41) In August 2012, our chief engineer (researcher) became a member of the National Technical Committee for Hydrogen Energy Standardization.

42) Membership of China Automobile Industry Association and China Automobile Insurance Association on May 2013.

43) On February 2014, Brown Gas Molecular Carbon Remover won the Special Recommended Product Award of Beijing Automobile Insurance International Exhibition.

44) 2015.1 Triple Catalytic Maintenance Machine won the Technical Contribution Award of China Automobile Safety Association.

45) By 2015.2, we have passed ISO 9001-2008 Quality System Certification.

46) Successful listing of China's new third board on November 2015. Stock code: 834311.

47) Obtained the qualifications of Ningbo National High-tech Enterprise on October 2016.

48) The national standard "Safety Technical Requirements for Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators" GB/T34539-2017, which was formulated under the auspices of the government, was officially released and implemented.

49) In 2018.6, the HD10 of the nozzle cleaner won the National "20 Best Maintenance Tools" Excellent Award.

50) In May 2019, hydrogen oxygen water welding machine won the "innovation brand award of Western Refrigeration Exhibition".