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Brown gas molecular carbon remover, ternary cleaning and maintenance machine, oil change machine, vehicle disinfection and cleaning machine and other related products with its unique high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong stability, easy to use and other outstanding features, have realized the perfect docking with all vehicle models, the products have been unanimously recognized by the majority of users, and obtained the satisfaction evaluation of China Automobile Industry Association, many 4S stores and so on.

Eight highlights of brown gas molecular carbon remover

1. This product is an automobile maintenance product, which is currently a high-tech product in the market:

2. Low cost of carbon removal, 1 liter of water can produce 1860 liters of brown gas; low power consumption, 1 liter of water consumes 5kW/h;

3. It is not necessary to remove the cover, and the carbon can be removed without removing the engine parts;

4. No chemicals shall be used in the process of carbon deposition and removal, and the airtightness of the engine shall not be damaged;

5. It can be decarbonized for 30 minutes, which is simple, convenient and efficient, and saves labor cost;

6. Clean the three-way catalytic system while removing carbon, improve tail gas and prolong the life of catalytic system;

7. High carbon removal efficiency, green environmental protection and earth protection;

8. Safety is safe and reliable in terms of equipment operation process, integrity of internal and external parts of engine, and exclusion system.

Automobile ternary maintenance field

"Five highlights" of three-way catalytic curing machine

A. "Live broadcast" of maintenance process

B. No damage cleaning

C. Significant effect

D. Simple operation and double efficiency

E. Highly intelligent


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