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T1500DS Brown gas molecular carbon remover

"Heyuan" brand three-way catalytic cleaning and maintenance machine is the latest scientific and technological achievement developed by Ningbo Branch of China Academy of weapons Science in two years according to the requirements of many customers. This product has the advantages of no disassembly cleaning and maintenance, high efficiency and rapidity, whole process visual operation, good reduction degree, etc.: with the national requirements for automobile exhaust emissions increasing year by year, and the environmental protection standard rising again and again, The market prospect of this product is quite broad. Since it was put into the market, it has attracted a large number of people in the automobile industry, superior governments and environmental protection agencies.

Working principle:

At idle speed, brown gas produced by brown gas generator is sent into engine combustion chamber through intake manifold for 30 minutes, because Brown gas has many characteristics such as low ignition energy, good catalytic combustion supporting performance, variable temperature, fast combustion speed, etc., it can oxidize and burn carbon deposit in a short time until it is completely burned and gasified, and then it is discharged out of the vehicle by exhaust pipe.

Equipment advantages:

1. No disassembly and cleaning, no damage to engine tightness.

2. The carbon removal medium is clean Brown gas, non chemical agent, which will not corrode and damage the engine, and will not damage the three-way catalytic converter, oil seal, gasket and other components.

3. 30 minutes to remove carbon, simple operation, convenient and fast, is the most efficient carbon removal method.

4. Easily restore engine power, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, and improve vehicle passing rate.

5. In the process of carbon removal, there is no odor or environmental pollutants.

6. Green environmental protection is the product of energy conservation and emission reduction of transportation.

Brown gas molecular carbon remover has excellent effect

1. Extend the service life of three-way catalytic converter by 20%

2. Reduce vibration by 50%

3. Extend mechanical life by 15%

4. Increase power by 20%

5. Improve acceleration performance by 30% and reduce running wear by 30%

6. Save more than 10% of gasoline and diesel fuel and reduce emissions of CH, CO and no by more than 40%

Four safety guarantees:

1. Multi level anti tempering protection design, safe and reliable

2. Automatic monitoring of air pressure and liquid level

3. Totally enclosed structure, no gas or liquid leakage

4. Low voltage equipotential design, no potential risk of electric shock

Four advanced technologies:

1. Integrated electrolyzer design, exclusive invention patent technology

2. High power and high efficiency IGBT inverter switching power supply

3. Full automatic intelligent touch screen, automatic operation, unattended

4. Liquid shortage prompt and automatic water injection, 24-hour all-weather operation

Three quality assurance:

1. All stainless steel and cold rolled steel painting process, industrial CI design, durable and beautiful

2. Manufacturing of military materials and special electrode materials with first-class quality

3. High efficiency and constant current switching power supply, large and stable gas production

Device parameters:
T1500DS Brown gas molecular carbon remover
Usage scenarios:
T1500DS Brown gas molecular carbon removerT1500DS Brown gas molecular carbon removerT1500DS Brown gas molecular carbon remover