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T6300 Brown gas generator (oxyhydrogen generator)

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Working principle:

Brown gas generator uses sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) aqueous solution as electrolyte, and uses the electrochemical reaction of water electrolysis to decompose hydrogen and oxygen from water. Hydrogen is used as fuel combustion and oxygen combustion support. It is a new high-tech environmental protection energy equipment, commonly known as "water welder". As long as the power switch is turned on, the water welding machine has a continuous supply of hydrogen and oxygen fuel, which can replace the existing acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gas, with a wide range of applications.

Equipment superiority:

Ⅰ. Four safety guarantees

1. Multi level simulated tempering protection design, safe and reliable.

2. Automatic monitoring of air pressure and liquid level.

3. Totally closed and fast flange structure, no gas and liquid leakage.

4. Low voltage equipotential design, no potential shock.

Ⅱ. Three technologies

1. Integrated electrolyzer design, patented technology.

2. Full automatic intelligent touch screen (optional), automatic operation, unattended.

3. Liquid shortage prompt and automatic water injection, 24-hour all-weather operation.

Ⅲ、Three quality assurance

1. All stainless steel design, durable, beautiful, design life up to 10 years.

2. Military materials and special electrode materials, reliable performance.

3. High efficiency and constant current switching power supply, large and stable output.

Device parameters:
序号 规格型号 T12500 T9000 T6300 T3000 备注
执行标准 GB/T34539-2017  GB/T29411-2015  GB/T29411-2012
1 输入电源 380VAC±15%  三相五线  
2 额定功率 50KW 30KW 25KW 10KW  
3 额定产气量 12.5Nm³/h 9Nm³/h 7Nm³/h 3Nm³/h  
4 工作负荷 0~100%  
5 工作压力 0~0.2MPa 0~0.09MPa 用户设定
6 产气量—压力软件PID控制 ±2KPa    
7 能耗标准 3.5KW/m³  
8 耗水量 0.007m³/h 0.005m³/h 0.004mm³/h 0.002m³/h  
9 冷却水流量 0.6m³/h 0.45m³/h 0.3m³/h  
10 冷却水温度 < 25℃  
11 气体成分 H2:66.67%     O2:33.33%  
12 环境温度 0~40℃  
13 电解槽设计寿命 15年 10年  
14 24h*365天 连续运行  
15 智能云平台 远程监控/故障报警
16 人机界面  
17 远程控制接口  
18 自动注水  
19 设备重量 900kg 400kg 400kg 235kg 含电解液
20 外观尺寸 1940×800×1345 1090×660×1440 1090×660×1440 830×660×1620  
21 配套联动线灌封机规格 16针及以上 10、12、16针 8、10、12针 1、2、4、6针  
22 安瓿瓶容量 1、2、3、5、10、20、25ml  
23 配套联动线数量 3 2 1 1  
24 配置灌封联动线品牌 德国BOSS、德国B+S、
Usage scenarios:
T6300 Brown gas generator (oxyhydrogen generator)